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2 days ...

Yep, that's right.

*freak out*

I've been crazy busy these past few -

Haha, Sue just called to see if I was okay and to check whether I've gotten everything. Anyway ...

I've been crazy busy these past few days with last minute stuff like packing, finishing off that cursed music composition, buying more warm clothing, etc, etc. It also didn't help that I was sick with the flu last week. But I'm mostly okay now - just a bit of coughing.

The weird thing is that I'm not really scared or nervous anymore. At least not as 'OMG' about exchange as I was a month ago. I think it's because it's finally sunk in that I'm actually doing this. As in actually actually.

Because my feelings towards exchange have fluctuated so much in this time period.
6 months to go: Eh, I've got ages. It's probably not going to happen anyway. I can't imagine myself in Denmark on exchange.
3 months to go: That's pretty cool. But I still doubt it's happening.
2 months to go: Holy wow, time flies fast. But it's still kind of far away.
1 month to go: This is actually happening?!
2 days to go: Yep.)

I guess my next post will be when I'm actually there. That's a rather odd feeling.

I would just like to add that if you're reading this - comment! I know quite a few people read my blog, both of them (cough, Sally ... ), so comment on it! Or become a follower! Or whatever. It'd be nice to know that people actually read this. :)


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laura. sagde ...

Woooo Hooo!! How exciting Stella! I can't wait for me to be in your position. For me the 3 month mark has been more like.... AHHH soo close, gotta start living it up in Aus and hanging out with everyone as much as I can... but hurry up exchange and get here! :)

Haha, looking forward to hearing from you from Denmark :)

5. november 2009 kl. 18.02  
Anonym sagde ...

im reading!!
keep us updated
and have such a great time in denmark

7. november 2009 kl. 18.34  
Anonym sagde ...

You poor comment deprived person, Stella. :)
And I also thought that you'd start writing in your blog "when you're actually in Denmark"...

8. november 2009 kl. 15.10  
Anonym sagde ...

hehe, i'm reading!!
don't you feel loved?
enjoy denmark! missing you heaps!
keep blogging yah?
now, off to study for school cert (cry):(


9. november 2009 kl. 21.09  
A. Barrow sagde ...

The post said to comment, so here it is! :)

25. november 2015 kl. 23.14  

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