The Denmarkian in Daneland

A record of my adventures in Scandinavia.

Itinerary and other bits and pieces.

First of all: 10 DAYS.

AND I finished all my yearlies today!

Oh life is wonderful.

So, like the title says, I got my itinerary today and I'm super excited - because this means it's REAL! It's HAPPENING! Everything is coming into place!

As it turns out, I'm taking three planes, as opposed to what I thought earlier, which was four. Thank goodness. I'm not quite so worried about plane travel anymore, except maybe about being in a tight spot if I happen to forget to bring a really important document or something. Eep.

So it's basically Sydney -> London, London -> Copenhagen, Copenhagen -> Aalborg.
Over a period of about 34 hours. My my, that will be fun.

I need to buy some luggage tags as well ...


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