The Denmarkian in Daneland

A record of my adventures in Scandinavia.


This is my third day here, and I'm only blogging now because I've been busy ... and a bit lazy. Plus I'm still jetlagged ...

Arrived in DK, went to sleep at 6pm. Not much to write about, really.

Toured the boundaries of the old farm with my host mor and Bosse. Then went swimming with Julie, Peter, host mor, and later host far. My first big shock? You might not believe it, but when Scandinavian people go swimming, they take all their clothes off completely in public, walk stark naked towards the showers and shower there. And no, there are no doors or separate cubicles for the showers. It's completely open. And yes I had to join. There was a little girl staring shamelessly at everyone showering, standing just a metre in front of me. And guess what. They always shower after PE and so they whip off all their clothing in front of their classmates.

Then we had a very traditional Danish dinner with beans, potato, a type of Danish sausage, 'apple slices' - it's a dessert which I can't remember the Danish name of, host far's 'famous chocolate sauce', red cabbage and bolle.

Followed Julie around her school. We had kemi (John er LÆKKER), biologi, og PE. Yep. PE. We did this thing called 'jumpdancing' - the guy was overly enthusiastic. And I mean OVERLY. I still have his voice in my head: "fem, seks, syv, otte!" BANGBANGBANGBANG. Jumpdancing is basically like dancing with a lot of jumping and stomping. It gets really tiring after a while, and your legs start to hurt. And then oddly, we did ballroom dancing right after. Big contrast, yes. Thankfully I didn't do the whole showering thing stark naked with classmates, because I went 15mins earlier since I had to meet Birgit, my coordinator, at 2pm. So we went to Hasserisgym, got my subject choices done and all the dry, administrative stuff, and drove back to Julie's skole. And then Astrid came to take me to her apartment since Julie had 'big band,' and now here I am, haha.

I'm tired.


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Anonym sagde ...

stella its already sounds so much fun..
leaving in 8 days.. still not soon enough haha

11. november 2009 kl. 07.54  
Simone .. sagde ...

OMG! I started laughing reading this one about naked Scandinavian people haha :) Which was pretty weird in the middle of a Danish lesson :D
Who is John?

11. november 2009 kl. 21.24  
Stella sagde ...

Hahahaha yeah.

John is Julie's chemistry teacher.
He is SO NOT lækker, but I whispered it to Julie as a joke while he was talking. He's got a very squeaky high voice haha.

12. november 2009 kl. 03.14  

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