The Denmarkian in Daneland

A record of my adventures in Scandinavia.

I Deserve my Cocoa!

... after battling the elements.

This is something I wrote to Phyllis about the weather.

'This weather is freaking CRAZY.

Okay basically I bike to the bus stop every morning and afternoon (or night if I'm out). It takes 20 minutes in the morning because the wind is going in the same direction and it's more kinda downhillish.

In the afternoon it takes me like 40 minutes because... the wind is CRAZY and FREEZING and going the OPPOSITE WAY and it rains so hard the drops feel like needles and I feel like my face is going to fall off from cold and wind.

I am still currently in recovery from when I got home an hour ago.

Thank goodness I have hot cocoa..'

Copenhagen TOMORROW!

I går, Caroline, Stinna og jeg var (I don't know the plural form?) i Aalborg, fordi vi wanted til gå ice skating. Men det var CLOSED. Then we basically went round the shops a bit, og den Julemarked næste til Aalborgs stor kirke. Dansk pølser er såååå god!

Haha yay for Denglish!

Den første dag af Vinter.

The first day of Winter - this means Christmas is coming up!

There was frost in the morning, and it was so dark that we could hardly see the numbers on the busses until they drove by. Also we saw the moon, REALLY closely. It was just so huge and so red, at first I thought it was the sun. Seriously, it was like this really great big giant orange ball in the sky.

The weather today though after the morning was surprisingly perfect. No clouds whatsoever. I walked home from the bus stop, which took me about an hour, but that was okay because the weather was so lovely.

During music class we did some theory, which was really, really, really crazy easy. Think grade one theory in AMEB. We had to label the keys on the piano.

I love how school finishes at like 1:35pm every day for me, and on Friday it finishes at 11:35am. Sweet!

During Latin I was so, so bored, so I came up with a list for You Know You're in Hasseris Gymnasium When ...

You Know You're in Hasseris Gymnasium (or just possibly any Danish gymnasium) When:

1. Jeans are all you need.
2. If you're not blonde, then dye it blonde.
3. You dont admit it, but the Jantelov is God.
4. So is Lectio.
5. A straight cut fringe and long blonde hair, plus a big black headband is the way to go.
6. You're immediately considered fashionable if you don a black coat, skinny jeans and black boots.
7. The IBs are losers.
8. Class is for Facebooking.
9. A total of 3 hours of sun during a whole month sucks, but is okay.
10. Foreigners suck.
11. Halfies do not exist.
12. You've always got something on every weekend.
13. Big black sunglasses do not make you look like a douche.
14. One word. Mascara.
15. You are a master at spotting fake tans. They are everywhere.

I love this message Caroline wrote on the board.

Stupid Danish System people:
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

IB people:
When life gives you lemons, break out the salt and tequila!

Not that I'm an alcoholic or anything. I just thought that was funny. :)