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Travelex Cash Passport card.

Everyone with SEA gets a Cash Passport card, which is a pin-protected, prepaid currency card useful for travelling overseas with, as you don't need any cash and all you need to do is load it up and go to an ATM to use it and have money in local currency.

To confirm that you've received the card, you're supposed to fax a sheet to a number that they give you, and they will activate your card.

So that's what I did earlier this week, and yesterday I decided to ring them and check whether they had activated my card yet because I didn't receive any notice about it.

It turns out that I had been given the wrong card (hence the the reason why the system kept saying that my birthday was incorrect and that it wasn't what they had on file!) so I emailed Sue about this.

Hopefully it should clear up soon, as I'm leaving in en måned og elleve dage!

One month and eleven days!

It's so soon ...


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