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Mr. special first post. (:

'Dear Stella,

Thank you for talking with ****** ****** and presenting yourself so well for the interview. I am delighted to confirm you meet all our eligibility criteria and have been formally accepted for our program. Congratulations!'

So a few months ago I got this letter, and I've been so excited about it ever since!

I'm going to be a short-term exchange student to Denmark for three months from November 2009 - February 2010, with Student Exchange Australia.

19/09/2009: Pre-departure orientation
07/11/2009: Departure

So this blog will be where I document my (hopefully) many adventures and discoveries in the Land of the Vikings! I'm planning to get a journal to write in as well, which will be a bit more personal than this blog.

My goal is to write in here at least once every two days (or even better, daily), and I'll try to achieve it - but there won't be any guarantees ...

Another goal will be to improve my Danish, even though learning it wouldn't be very practical anyway. Many say it sounds more like someone with a throat disease choking on a potato than a language! Haha, but I like it ...

Obviously by the end of three months I won't be fluent, but it's still a goal I have in mind.

Even though it's been a few months now, I still don't really believe I'll be going - something's going to prevent me going on exchange, whether it be that I get violently ill or that something goes wrong with the whole process, or some other factor.

But hopefully that's just paranoia.

This will be some exchange, ja? (:

Farvel, og vi ses!


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